AWG Background

The AWG is made up of members of the community and stakeholders who are working together to devise a long-term solution to save TDSB pools that have been slated for closure due to cuts in the City of Toronto 2008 budget. 78 Toronto school swimming pools were scheduled to shut down permanently beginning June, 2008. History of the Budget Discussion on Pools.pdf

January 2008 The Toronto District School Board's (TDSB) announced that it would decommission 39 of its pools over the next two years.

April 16 2008 the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) asked David Crombie to propose a long-term sustainable solution for the continued operation of the Board's pools. 23 pools had been slated for closure in June of 2008, with an additional 16 to follow in June 2009.

May 15 2008 the Toronto Sports Council hosted an Aquatic Summit to assist David Crombie. This lead to a commitment from the Provincial Government to fund a transition plan which included the establishment of an Aquatics Working Group (AWG).

May 27, 2009 the TDSB supported a $50/hour permit fee policy that took effect July 1, 2009. To permit a pool you must apply for a TDSB permit at $50/hr for pooltime. Permit revenues/funding is pooled to allow for the maximum number of pools to stay open (ie Newtonbrook/AY Jackson supporting Leacock).

in early 2010 the TDSB agreed to keep 31 of 39 pools open. Click here to read the Aquatics Working Group report to the Toronto Lands Corporation, January 2010.

Each of the 39 pools requires an pool specific strategy; volunteer pool captains were assigned by pool to collect information. A pool template was then developed. Altus Group and Superior Pools are assisting with the analysis of the operating and capital costs for each of pools.

The Toronto Sports Council supports the following sports: