Our Find a Sport section has been developed to help you find your way through the many sport opportunities that exist in Toronto.

Sport can be a wonderful experience for all of us. You can participate in sport in a variety of ways: you can become actively involved in the game, enjoy sport as a spectator or volunteeer in one of the many sport organizations across Toronto that need your help.

We want you to make sport a lifelong experience.


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The TSC has 99 sports represented in our database, with 1106 sports organizations listed in our sports categories.

If there is a sport that you know is played in Toronto and can give us some information about an organization, please register your organization using our new Self-Serve Registration. Follow these steps:
  1. Register on our website (top of the homepage).
  2. Once you are approved, (you will receive an email) login to the website.
  3. On the dashboard, click on the “Register an Organization” button and fill in the information about your organization.
  4. Click "Register".
  5. Once that information is approved, your organization will be displayed on the website and linked to a specific sport category. A sport organization can be listed in multiple sports categories.

The TSC works to help build a strong voice for sport in Toronto. If you are interested in getting involved and/or have thoughts or comments you want to share with us, please contact us.

The Toronto Sports Council supports the following sports: