Toronto Emerging Athletes Mentorship (TEAM) Fund.

The TEAM Fund is a legacy of the 2012 Ontario Summer Games that were hosted by the City of Toronto with the Toronto Sports Council (TSC) playing an important role. A key objective for the TSC’s involvement in the planning of the Ontario Summer Games was to ‘build the base’ for the future. And given the success of the Games, the TSC is fulfilling this goal by creating the TEAM Fund.

The TEAM Fund grant is intended to help emerging athletes with financial need, gain access to the ‘next level’ of training, equipment and competitions with a competitive club or league. (The competitive club or league is called the "mentoring" organization in the application form). The funding will help with expenses related to training and competition and be administered by the athlete’s competitive ("mentoring") club.

2019 TEAM Fund Application

Toronto Emerging Athletes Mentorship Fund Committee

The Committee overseeing the TEAM Fund is comprised of:

Nancy Lee

Jeff Carmichael

Molly Killingbeck (Chair)

Heather Mitchell (TSC Board Chair)

John Wilkinson (TSC Board Member)

Jennifer Bennett

Eligibility Criteria

a) The TEAM Fund grant is for Toronto-based youth who have demonstrated the ability to excel in a particular sport and need financial assistance to continue pursuing excellence.

b) The grant will enhance the emerging athlete’s goals to compete at a provincial, national or international level. For those familiar with "Canadian Sports for Life (CS4L)", this equates to the athlete wanting to ‘learn-to-train’, ‘train-to-train’ and ‘train-to-compete’. The applicant must demonstrate the ability to compete in his or her sport.

c) The applicant must be between 11 and 18 years of age at the time of application.

d) The applicant must be attending a recognized educational institution or program.

e) The applicant must reside in Toronto and be a Toronto-based athlete at the time of application and throughout the relevant grant year. (Consideration will be given to athletes whose sport requires the use of facilities outside the city).

f) The applicant’s sport must be part of one or more of the following major sports events at the time of application:

  •  Canada Winter/Summer/Parasport Games
  •  Ontario Winter/Summer/Parasport Games
  •  Pan/Parapan American Games
  •  Commonwealth Games
  •  International Federation hosted World Championship
  •  Olympic / Paralympic Games

g) The "mentoring" competitive club or league must participate in completing the related section on the application form. This is important, as it will be the mentoring club that receives and administers the monies on behalf of the athlete and his or her family.

h) The mentoring club must provide the following:

  •  evidence of expertise in the athlete’s designated sport (e.g. the National Coaching Certification Program qualifications, training and certification specific to athlete’s area of development);
  •  be able to provide access to facilities which will meet the daily training environment needs of the athlete;
  •  be able to prepare a financial statement to support disbursement of grant monies; and
  •  be willing to undertake the mentoring role and to be part of the application process.

i) Athletes who are receiving sports-related funding at the time of application and throughout the relevant grant year from government sources are not eligible to apply for the TEAM Fund. e.g. "Quest for Gold"

Application Process

a) When the application process opens, download the application from the Team Fund page.

b) The application is to be completed by the athlete, his/her family and the mentoring sport organization. If the athlete is not currently affiliated with a mentoring sport organization (i.e. a competitive club), a request to the Toronto Sports Council to assist in locating a potential mentor organization may be made. We suggest you contact Mr. Jeff Carmichael ( of the Toronto Sports Council prior to submitting the application.

c) The application deadline for the 2019 grant year is: November 30, 2018.

d) The athlete must meet all of the eligibility criteria.

e) The privacy of the applicant and the organizations is important to the Toronto Sports Council. The TSC will take reasonable measures to ensure the security of personal information.

Successful Applicants

All submitted applications will be reviewed and a decision on the successful applicants will be made by the TEAM Fund Selection Committee. Decisions by the Committee are final. Successful applicants will be notified directly. An announcement of the Committee’s decision will be posted on the Toronto Sports Council website (

Grant Specifications

a) The TEAM Fund Selection Committee will determine the grant amount awarded to all successful applicants.

b) Grants are awarded for one year. Recipients who demonstrate successful progress may re-apply in subsequent year; however, selection for future grants is not guaranteed.

c) Grants shall be used to cover registration fees, competition entry fees, transportation, equipment or uniforms, meals at competitions or accommodation for out-of-city competitions. Grant monies can only be spent on the individual athlete. Funds must be spent as outlined in the application and as agreed to in writing by the TEAM Fund Committee.

d) Grant monies for each athlete shall be managed by the sports mentoring club. The sports mentoring club shall submit a financial report, including supporting documents (i.e. receipts etc.) to the TEAM Fund Committee at the end of the grant year, accounting for disbursement of the grant monies.

e) Grant recipients are required to submit a mid-year and end-of-year report explaining how the grant monies have assisted the athlete in his/her athletic endeavours. The mid-year report is due by June 15th, 2019. The end-of-the-year report is due by December 15th, 2019. To be submitted to

Reporting and Grant Evaluation

  1. The TEAM Fund Committee will conduct an annual review and evaluation of the Grant program including the application process and selection criteria.
  2. The annual Financial Report of the TEAM Fund will be posted on the Toronto Sports Council website.
  3. The TEAM Fund Committee reserves the right to request proof of financial need.

2018 Toronto Emerging Athletes Mentorship (TEAM) Fund Athletes

The 2018 TEAM Fund athletes are:

Chelsea Agyemang (track);

Sarai Bailey (basketball);

Jaden Bowen (hockey);

Indiana Chapman (Rock Climbing);

Marc Cottle (squash);

Rebecca Demeke (basketball);

Emmanuella Dickson (squash);

Aya Hammon (skating);

Sanjade Hilton (track);

Benjamin Jonas (athletics);

Hanna Adderley Julien (athletics/basketball);

Madison Adderley Julien (athletics/volleyball);

Sharlene Katrayan (figure skating);

Jasmine Kidd (athletics);

Nini Li (squash);

Kiara Leverage (basketball);

Neon Anthony(squash);

Patel Palmer (track);

Damien McGregor-Wickman (soccer);

Sydonie Merrick (track);

Sara Phillips (volleyball);

Kha Vi An Tran (volleyball);

Kayla Wint-Evans (track);

Rebecca Williams (track).

TEAM Fund Application Form

2017 TEAM FUND Recipient Bio Slides

2016 TEAM Fund Recipient Bio Slides

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